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All About Love from Ruby

Love from Ruby first opened in July 2017. I was still living at home so I was situated in a small cupboard that contained the boiler at one side of the room and some make shift shelving at the other and my dads fishing chair for me to sit on!

When I first started out I just created digitally from photoshop, I wasn't all the great but what I did worked. I gained a small custom based from my local village.

As time went on, I managed to start adding frames and other crafts items to my 'shop' this meant that I had to find a bigger space as my stock was getting more and more and tiny cupboard just wasn't big enough anymore. I was still living at home so I went to my Grandad and asked if I could take over his spare little room!

Fast forward to 2021 and I purchased my own home and use the small bedroom as my crafts room! Since moving into my own home I have purchased many more items to help me create many more products! I'm so excited to continue to grow my business and see where I will be in a few years time.

My business name is for my Mamar who always taught me to follow my dreams, she was called Ruby and was a huge influence in my life.

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